About Noyam eBooks

Noyam eBooks currently focus on the research areas of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. All Noyam eBooks are open access, meaning you can completely reuse, copy and share the researched content available on condition that you must cite the actual author of the book and the original source of data in a proper and clear manner.  As an open access publisher, the primary goal of Noyam is to make scholarly content accessible globally. Publishing an eBook with Noyam offers the following advantages:

Wide dissemination
We host the open access eBook for free download on our website and deposit the web address in the Crossref DOI repository allowing citation linking to the work. Authors can easily share the content of their research work with a much wider audience. They may upload the file to an institutional repository or a discipline-based repository or archive, citing the published version.

Contents of eBooks can be made immediately available to not just researchers in a particular field but also those beyond, including laypeople.

Search Options
eBook files can typically be more easily located if it is in the open-access domain. In particular, searching within the article or recommending and sharing it with others, is facilitated to a great extent.

Eliminates price barriers for readers
The general public can access published eBooks without a subscription. Many studies demonstrate that open access literature receives more citations than subscription publications.

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