Noyam Publishers operate as an open access publisher. We aim at advancing academic research publications in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences globally. E-Book Processing Charges will be applicable only on the final acceptance of the Book, but not on Initial Submission. E-Book publishing charges cover the cost of the following:

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Quality check
  • Layout design
  • Assigning ISBN Number
  • Assigning DOI number
  • Online hosting of E-book
  • An online pdf to be made available for download

Amount to be Charged

Number of pages Payments from Ghana(GH₵)  International Payments (USD)
Below 50 pages GH₵ 1000 USD 150
50 – 100 pages GH₵ 1200 USD 200
100 – 250 pages GH₵ 1500 USD 300
250-400 pages  GH₵ 1500 USD 350

Please note that authors can however request for printed copies of E-books at an agreed cost.

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