The Church in Sierra Leone: Response and Mission during and after Covid-19 Pandemic

Prince Sorie Conteh

Issue: Vol.1  No.8 December 2020  Article 2 pp. 263 – 269
DOI :  |   Published online 22nd December 2020.
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COVID-19 is the acronymic name for Coronavirus disease which broke out in December 2019. The church as progenitor of care and love, is expected to play a crucial and lasting role in dealing with this pandemic. This paper discusses the church’s spiritual and practical response and mission during and after COVID-19. In terms of the church’s spiritual response and mission, its theology and teachings too should be pragmatic. The church should put in action – by the process of contextualising theology – bringing the gospel to the life-situation of the people. God is not absent in this situation. The church’s belief in a loving God helps to make sense of and cope with the coronavirus outbreak. In terms of the church’s practical response and mission, the church can play a major role in saving lives and reducing illness related to COVID-19 by adhering to the preventive measures and recommendations by the government and health experts.

Keywords: Corona Virus (COVID-19), Church mission

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Prince Sorie Conteh holds doctorates in Systematic Theology and Religious Studies respectively. Prince is a minister of the Methodist Church Sierra Leone – presently in the Wilberforce Circuit. He is Professor of Theology and Religion, and Dean of Religious & Interfaith Studies at the Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology. Prof Conteh has served academic institutions in Canada, the USA, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. He has published several works in Theology, Religion and Biblical Studies.

Conteh P.S., “The Church in Sierra Leone: Response and Mission during and after Covid-19 Pandemic,” E-Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 1, no.8 (2020): 263-269.

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