Eschatological Christology in African Christianity: A Reflection on Relevance and Implication

Edward Agboada ORCID iD

Issue: Vol.3  No.12 November 2022  Article 2  pp.539-547
DOI: |   Published online 9th November 2022.
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Eschatological Christology in African Christianity is an attempt to appreciate the concept of eschatology (beliefs about death, judgement and the final destiny of individual souls and humankind) in African Christianity and decipher its significance and/or implication. The objective is to understand the complexities of sociocultural and religious factors that inform the definitions and meaning of the concepts in the theological reflection of African Christianity. Eschatological Christology in African Christianity is therefore concerned with how African Christianity in its unique religious context understands and interprets biblical prophecies about the “End Times” and the assertion of Jesus’s distinctive “status”, about his relationship with the Father, divinity and humanity. It is therefore reflective of the repositories of religious and theological reflections from Africa’s rich cultural and religious cosmology as well as already existing and available Western Christian theological Christopraxis.

Keywords: Eschatological, Christology, Christopraxis, Theology, Christianity

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Rev. Edward Agboada is an Ordained Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Until recently he was a Senior Lecturer at the Ramseyer Training Centre, (Abetifi) where he taught courses in World Religions, Islamic Studies, Christian-Muslim relations, interfaith dialogue, Cross-Cultural Missions, New Religious Movements, Homiletic (Practice of Preaching), and studies in African Traditional Religions.

Agboada, E. “Eschatological Christology in African Christianity: A Reflection on Relevance and Implication,” E-Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 3, no.12 (2022):539-547.

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