Transformed Individuals, Transforming the World: A Challenge to the Christian Church in Ghana

Joseph Kofi Antwi ORCID iD

Issue: Vol.4  No.10  Article 3 pp.1197-1208
DOI: |   Published online 13th October, 2023
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It has been argued that due to the fallen moral standards even in the Church, moral decadence and its associated ills have risen to alarming heights in Ghana. The 2021 Population and Housing Census shows that over 71% are Christians, yet corruption, greed, arrogance, pride, and extravagant lifestyles, for example, have become a challenge to the moral fibre of the country. The question is “Why is Christianity growing in Ghana, yet clouded with an increase in moral decadence? Opinion leaders, including some church leaders, do not only agree that corruption should be nipped in the bud, but they encourage that a conscious effort is made to change attitudes. Through a literary review of relevant scholarly materials, this paper argued that individual transformation is a prerequisite to transforming the world. With an ethical theory of deontology providing the theoretical lens, this paper posited that the Church is responsible for intensifying her Christian education, nurturing, or character formation activities to enable members to become faithful disciples and active responsible citizens who would transform their world. This article contributes to the exploration of Christian education and Moral or Character Formation in Ghana.

Keywords: Christian Education, Theory of Deontology, Character Formation, Kakistocracy.

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Joseph Kofi Antwi, Ph.D. (Religious Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana). His research focuses on African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS), Christian Education, Environmental Ethics, African Philosophy, Religion, and Media. He serves on the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Institutional Review Board (NMIMR-IRB) and is a member of the African Association for Pastoral Studies and Counselling (AAPSC). He is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and currently serves as the Clerk of the Ga West Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Antwi, Joseph K. “Transformed Individuals, Transforming the World: A Challenge to the Christian Church in Ghana.E-Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 4, no.10 (2023): 1197-1208.

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