Public Theology and Democratic Consolidation in Ghana: Challenges and Responses

Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong ORCID iD

Issue: Vol.4  No.7  4th July 2023  Article 2  pp.805-815
DOI: |   Published online 4th July, 2023
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This study is a review of the challenges of democratic consolidation in Ghana and how Public Theology provides theological insights for the church in its responses to the democratic consolidation challenges. Democratic consolidation in Ghana has been considered relatively successful. However, it has been noted that democratic consolidation in Ghana is being undermined by challenges like dictatorship of the majority, the culture of silence, disregard of democratic institutions, and neglect of bread and butter issues among others. The church has played a significant role in democratic consolidation in Ghana through advocacy, civic education, election observation, social services, and interfaith dialogue. By promoting democratic values and good governance, the church has contributed to the growth and stability of Ghana’s democracy.  According to this study, the challenges that threatened democratic consolidation in Ghana persist. It is important for the church therefore to continue to build on its successes and address these challenges in order to further contribute to the strengthening of the nation’s democratic culture. The study used a qualitative approach to gather data. The study concluded with the recommendation that theological insights from Public Theology like human value, dignity, the sovereignty of God, fallibility of human nature, and democracy as a way of life must be concentrated on in the church’s search for responses to the challenges of democratic consolidation and culture in Ghana.

Keywords: African Christianity, Public Theology, Democratic Consolidation, Ghana

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Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong (PhD) is Senior Lecturer in African Christianity at the Department of Religious Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi – Ghana.

Opuni-Frimpong, Kwabena.  “Public Theology and Democratic Consolidation in Ghana: Challenges And Responses.E-Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 4, no.7 (2023): 805-815.

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