A Theological and Pastoral Reflection on Candidature in the Context of the Methodist Church Ghana

Isaac Boaheng  ORCID iD and Isaac Kweku Arkoh

Issue: Vol.4  No.9  Article 2 pp.1034-1044
DOI: https://doi.org/10.38159/ehass.2023492 |   Published online 8th September, 2023
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The need for ministerial training has been debated for some time now. On the one hand is the view that when one receives ministerial gifts from God, the person is already equipped for ministry and does not need any formal training. On the other hand is the contention that having ministerial gifts alone does not make one ready for ministry; there is a need for formal training to prepare one for effective ministry. This paper argued for the necessity to formally train people for the ordained ministry using the Methodist Church Ghana as a case study. The paper examined selected aspects of the process of candidature into the ordained ministry and then demonstrated how each step prepares the candidate for ministerial efficiency. The paper used a literature-research approach to gather data from books, articles and dissertations/theses on the subject. The main finding was that the process of candidature in the Methodist Church Ghana involves series of stages, each of which is meant to scrutinize one’s call and/or to prepare the candidate adequately for ministry. The paper recommended that each individuals or groups who are part of the candidature process must be effective and unbiased in their scrutiny in order to ensure that only those who are truly called are accepted into the ministry. The paper contributes to scholarship on practical theology, specifically the area of pastoral ministry.

Keywords: Methodist Church Ghana, Call, Ministry, Candidature

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Isaac Boaheng (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in Theology and Christian Ethics at the Christian Service University College, Ghana. He is also a Research Fellow at the Department of Biblical and Religion Studies, University of the Free State, South Africa. Boaheng is an Ordained Minister of the Methodist Church Ghana serving the Suame Circuit of the Kumasi Diocese.

Isaac Kweku Arkoh holds a Master Degree in Divinity from Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon- Accra. Arkoh is a Minister of the Methodist Church Ghana serving the Nsuaem Circuit of the Sekondi Diocese.

Boaheng, Isaac & Isaac Kweku Arkoh, “A Theological and Pastoral Reflection on Candidature in the Context of the Methodist Church Ghana.E-Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 4, no.9 (2023): 1034-1044.  https://doi.org/10.38159/ehass.2023492

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