The Religious and Social Covenant: The Puritan Challenge

ISSUE: Vol.5  No.2 June 2019 Article 10  pp.92 – 99
AUTHOR: Philip Tachin
DOI : 10.32051/06241909



Sustainable national development is grounded in a vision. Such visions are anchored on solid philosophical worldviews that shape intellectual and moral conduct. The history of advanced western nations bears this fact out. In this study, our focus is on the impact that Puritans brought to bear on the American Society. The Puritan impact on some of the American colonies lasted for centuries and still continues in the context of modern and postmodern popular revolutionary culture. The Puritans grew out of a strong Calvinist theological tradition. Their vision was driven by their covenantal perspective which spanned the religious and social spectra. The goal of this study is to challenge Nigerian Christians to adopt the Puritan heritage in order to wrought desirable development in our national life.

PHILIP TACHIN, PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Church History at the National Open University of Nigeria.

Tachin, Philip. “The Religious and Social Covenant: The Puritan Challenge.” E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies 5, no.2 (2019): 92-99.

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