Early History of DAG Heward-Mills, Founder of Light House Chapel International, A Charismatic Denomination in Ghana

ISSUE: Vol.4  No.1 September 2018 Article 14  pp.173-182
AUTHOR: Emmanuel L. Nterful



This article studies Jesus’ attitude towards females in the Gospel of Matthew. Through a theological-ethical survey, the article identifies a 9-item description of Jesus’ encounters and interactions with females (woman/women, wife, mother, mother-in-law, daughter, virgin, widow, Mary, and Martha) in the Matthean Gospel. Comparison between Jesus’ attitude towards females and the established attitude towards females in the Oriental culture reveals that Jesus’ attitude was more favorable to females. The Matthean Gospel provides numerous scenes of Jesus’ attitude of tolerance, affirmation, care, and non-discrimination towards females. For Christ, females were human beings who were equally disposed of knowing God, witnessing about God’s presence, and who needed divine provision to resolve life difficulties just as their male counterpart. Thus the article concludes that Jesus’ attitude towards females ought to be the norm from which adherents of the religion of Jesus regard females in all spheres of life.

Emmanuel L. Nterful he is a trained Medical Doctor from Vitebsk State Medical Institute, Former Soviet Union and has a Master of Arts Degree in Missiology from the Greenwich University in The United Kingdom and the North-West University, South Africa. He is the current Vice Chancellor of the Anagkazo Bible Seminary.

Nterful, Emmanuel L. “Early History of DAG Heward-Mills, Founder of Light House Chapel International A Charismatic Denomination in Ghana.” E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies 4, no.1 (2018): 173-182.

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