Christology, Pneumatology And Ecclesiology – ‘Theology Proper’

ISSUE: Vol.4  No.1 September 2018 Article 18  pp.210-242
AUTHOR: Paul Adomako-Mensah



This work discusses some aspects of ‘theology proper’ regarding the incomprehensible human and divine nature of Christ which have been a bone of contention for some Christian believers, other religious groups, and even the church fathers during the early centuries; the Holy Spirit empowerment and active role in the holistic life of Christ and for his ultimate success in humanity’s soteriological enterprise; and the function or purpose of the church which is indispensable aspect of theological disciplines for believer’s as well as the church. This research was undertaken to critically examine the Christological, pneumatological and ecclesiological disciplines with regards to their theological implications for our contemporary Christian setting. On Christology, the assumptions of the research have established that, in the one-person Jesus Christ there are two natures, a human and divine nature. Vis-à-vis pneumatology, the Holy Spirit ministered in the holistic life of Christ and he is still active in the lives of believers and the church. Regarding the ecclesiology, the church is the possession of God with its mandate to guard the prophetic gospel, retain the uncompromising sound teachings, stand against the evils of our world that oppose God and make ready the Church (body and bride) of Christ.

PAUL ADOMAKO-MENSAH is a Minister of the Christ Apostolic Church International, Newark Assembly, New Jersey and a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Studies at Amridge University, Alabama USA.

Adomako-Mensah, Paul. “Christology, Pneumatology and Ecclesiology – ‘Theology Proper’.” E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies 4, no.1 (2018): 210-242.

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