The Marriage of Aquila and Priscilla: A Model For Contemporary Christian Couples

ISSUE: Vol.5  No.3 September 2019 Article 5  pp.42-49
AUTHOR: Ebenezer Asibu-Dadzie Jnr
DOI : 10.32051/09301905



Since the institution of marriage in the creation account (Genesis 2:18-24, New Revised Standard Version), marriage has remained one of the most important institutions affecting people’s life and well-being. On one hand, many married couples have in one way or the other, contributed their quota to their communities and to the work of God. On the other hand, some marriages have had a negative influence on people’s commitment to God and to their society as well as their families. In an era where instability in marriages is in the increase, the author uses the union of Aquila and Priscilla as a model for contemporary couples, bringing out the needed lessons to be learned from this godly marriage. Throughout the study, it is demonstrated that a Spirit-filled couple will have a godly marriage that will result in a powerful ministry for the Lord.

EBENEZER ASIBU-DADZIE Jnr. Department of Theology and Pentecostal Studies at the Regent University College of Science and Technology, Accra – Ghana. Email:

Asibu-Dadzie, Ebenezer J. “The Marriage of Aquila and Priscilla: A Model for Contemporary Christian Couples.” E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies 5, no.3 (2019), 42-49.

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