Beyond Hand Waving: Indices For Hymn Leading in Corporate Christian Worship

Adeolu Ogunleye ORCID iD

Issue: Vol.7  No.9  September 2021 Issue  Article 2 pp.126-131
DOI :  |   Published online 13th September 2021.
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The paper examines the significance of the selection, planning, and factors that affect the leading and singing of hymns in corporate Christian worship. While myriads of scholarly literature abound on hymnology, through bibliographies and an in-depth library search, the paper seeks to discuss the guidelines that engender the leading of congregation hymns and methods required for a dynamic leading of hymns. The research findings reveal that in some Nigerian churches where there are no trained music ministers, many untrained song leaders merely stand before the congregation to announce the hymns for the congregation to sing without performing a leadership role. Others merely stand to wave a hand. Leading congregational hymns requires training and vivaciousness in skill application. The three major areas of focus include planning, leading, and congregational response to hymn singing. The paper concludes that planning and selection of hymns are both spiritual and intellectual
exercises that involve basic knowledge of the rudiments of music. The research will help the church musicians and academics in further research into church music and congregational hymn singing.

Keywords: Song Leader, Hymn, Hymnody, Worship, Corporate Christian Worship

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Adeolu Ogunleye, an ordained Baptist Minister holds a DMA in Church Music from the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso, Nigeria and he currently serves as the Minister of Music, Good News Baptist Church, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ogunleye, A. “Beyond Hand Waving: Indices For Hymn Leading in Corporate Christian Worship” E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies, 7 no.9 (2021): 126-131

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