Service and Care in the Johannine and Akan Conceptual Schemas: Inculturation Hermeneutics

Godibert Kelly Gharbin ORCID iD

Issue: Vol.9 No.10 October 2023 Issue  Article 2  pp. 491-499
DOI : |   Published online 20th October, 2023.
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The Johannine and Akan ideologies pertaining to communal existence place significant emphasis on the cultivation of values such as reciprocal service and care. Nevertheless, upon careful examination of the Akan conceptual framework, it becomes apparent that these principles are espoused and upheld due to Akan belief in the indispensable nature of interdependence of human beings. This belief stems from their recognition of the inherent insufficiency of the human being which consequently gives rise to imperfect expressions of service and nurturing. Thus, the study aims to provide a biblical response to these challenges by employing Ukpong’s inculturation hermeneutics. This approach presents a framework for interpretation that enables an exploration of sociocultural matters in a manner that not only enhances the comprehension of the biblical text but also permits the text to function as a discerning evaluation of the Akan culture and propose possible remedies for its sociocultural challenges. The findings reveal that the Akan concepts foster a form of reciprocal care that is propelled by individual motivations and also service that is incentivised by rewards. Consequently, this paper proposes that the Akan believers must emulate the servanthood of Jesus and see reciprocal care as a response to divine instruction. This pursuit should be undertaken with the intention of fostering a sense of familial unity, rather than with the anticipation of receiving equivalent treatment in return. This article makes a valuable contribution to the field of African Biblical Hermeneutics and the ongoing discourse surrounding the integration of the New Testament into the African cultural framework.

Keywords: Inculturation Hermeneutics, Johannine Concept of Service and Care, Akan Proverbs

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Godibert Kelly Gharbin, PhD is a Research Associate at the Department of New Testament and Related Literature, University of Pretoria, Pretoria – South Africa.

Gharbin, Godibert K. “Service and Care in the Johannine and Akan Conceptual Schemas: Inculturation Hermeneutics, “ E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies, 9 no.10 (2023): 491-499.

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