The Construction of Permanent Church Halls for effective Church Planting: A Model of the Lighthouse Chapel International

Emmanuel Louis Nterful

Issue: Vol.6  No.6 September 2020 5th Anniversary Special Issue  Article 5 pp. 308-317
DOI :  |   Published online 25th September 2020.
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The construction of permanent church halls for effective church planting is one of the many models and ideals employed by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, founder of the Lighthouse Chapel International to rigorously drive its church expansion efforts across the nations of the world. This article accentuates the benefits and significance of the construction of permanent church halls on church growth and expansion and especially its apparent contribution to engendering confidence and commitment of congregants of new churches planted and overall ensuring stability of church membership. The multi-level model, known as the Anagkazo Church Planting Strategy, has been systematically developed by Heward-Mills, and implemented by LCI church planters worldwide. Using a qualitative research approach, the study analyses the use of the Anagakzo church planting strategy model. Data was gathered from relevant literature, interviews with key informants, views from focus group discussions as well as the use of qualitative questionnaires. The study’s findings indicate that within a relatively short period of implementing the model, the LCI has successfully undertaken church planting both nationally and internationally. It is being recommended that charismatic churches in Ghana endeavour to make the usefulness of permanent church halls in promoting church planting as part of their mission strategy. This can be achieved by pooling financial resources from all the churches within the particular denomination towards building projects. This would fulfil the biblical injunction for equitable distribution of God’s blessings among Christians (2 Cor 8:13-15). The study contributes to research knowledge on Church expansion through church planting.

Keywords: Church Planting, Permanent Church Halls, Anagkazo Church Planting Strategy, Lighthouse Chapel International.

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Emmanuel L. Nterful is a trained Medical Doctor from Vitebsk State Medical Institute, Former Soviet Union and has a Master of Arts Degree in Missiology from the Greenwich University in The United Kingdom and the North-West University, South Africa. He is the current Vice Chancellor of the Anagkazo Bible Seminary. He is also currently the Resident Bishop of the Life Cathedral of the Angakazo Assemblies of the UDOLGC (United Denomination Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches).

Nterful, Emmanuel L. The Construction of Permanent Church Halls for effective Church Planting: A Model of the Lighthouse Chapel InternationalE-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies 6, no.6 (2020): 308-317

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