Determining Participating Factors in Physical Education/Sporting Activities of the Deaf: A Study of Savelugu School for the Deaf

ISSUE: Vol.1  No.1 May 2020 Article 3 pp. 18 -28
AUTHORS: Shanunu Zakaria, Iddrisu Sulemana, Alhassan Imoro Nuhu
DOI : 10.38159/jelt.2020053



This research examined the determining factors in participating in Physical education/sports activities by the Deaf in Savelugu School for the deaf in the Northern region of Ghana. A survey research design was used for the study. A questionnaire and an observation guide were used to solicit information on the determinants of participating in Physical education/sports by the Deaf in Savelugu School for the Deaf. The questionnaire was administered to one hundred and fifty (150) students. One hundred and twenty-four (124) were retrieved. 91% of the respondents indicated that participating in physical education activities improves on their lifestyles, promotes fundamental motor skills and physical fitness. However, the results indicated that an unsafe environment, family factors, and sports facilities/equipment determined the participation of students in physical activities. The study recommends that adequate modern and modified sports facilities and equipment should be provided to special schools. The Ministry of Education (Special Education Unit) should monitor the allocation of funds and the utilization of physical education programmes. Well trained and qualified physical education professionals must be sent to Deaf schools. The study provides us an opportunity to gain insight into how exposed or porous schools for the Deaf are in Ghana in terms of physical/sports activities.

Keywords: Deaf, Special Education, Disability, Physical activity.

Authors Biodata: Shanunu Zakaria, PhD, is a Senior PE Tutor and an Assessment officer at the Tamale College of Education, Ghana. Email:  Iddrisu Sulemana, PhD is the Principal of  Tamale College of Education and Vice President of PRINCOF. Email:  Alhassan Imoro Nuhu, M.Ed, is the Vice Principal of Tamale College of Education and a Tutor in the Mathematics  Department. Email: