A Study on Factors Influencing the Career Choices of Students in Senior High Schools in Ghana : The Case of SHS Students in the Abuakwa South Municipality

ISSUE: Vol.1  No.1 May 2020 Article 4 pp. 29-38
AUTHORS: Bernard Adinkrah & Charles Fosu-Ayarkwah
DOI : 10.38159/jelt.2020054



The issue of career selection plays an important role in the success of every individual. With the ascendency of youth unemployment in Ghana, this study seeks to investigate the career choices of students in Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ghana. The study focused on SHS students in the Abuakwa South Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Using a quantitative approach, questionnaires were distributed to 322 SHS students in four different schools in the area to gather data on how they plan on choosing future careers and the factors that influence their choices. The study also examined the temperament type self-concept theory and the impact on choosing a career. The findings of the study indicated that students consult all relevant persons including counsellors to enable them to choose their perceived careers. Also, factors such as personal ambitions in life, academic standards, the possibility of getting jobs after school and level of job security influenced the career choice of students. The study recommended that planning should be done by following the career planning process carefully. The process requires students to plan their careers by consulting all relevant persons including the counsellor.

Keywords: career choice, Senior High School (SHS), career determinants, academic standards.

Authors Biodata: Bernard Kofi Adinkrah, PhD is a Tutor at the Kibi College of Education, Ghana. Email:benadinkrah@yahoo.co.uk. Charles Fosu-Ayarkwah is the Principal of the Kibi Presbyterian College of Education, Ghana.