2020: Noyam In retrospect

JANUARY 8, 2021. By Rev. Prof. Jonathan E.T.Kuwornu-Adjaottor

Welcome to 2021. I would want to take some time to appreciate the Noyam Team and all members of the Noyam family for their support in 2020. As we all know 2020 was quite a challenging year for the academic research community for many reasons.

By God’s grace Noyam remained committed to our goal of promoting scholarly research in Ghana and Africa. We were able to publish 104 journal articles and 10 eBooks from authors across Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom and Germany. The following journals were added to our research journal portfolio.

We also achieved the following:

  • Crossref – Noyam applied and signed up for CROSSREF Membership in April 2020. With this membership, all articles and ebooks published by Noyam are indexed with Crossref.
  • Crossref Similarity Check – In May 2020, Noyam signed up for the CROSSREF Similarity check. Our application was approved with details assigned to be able to check for plagiarism of all manuscript submissions. With this Noyam can now check all scholarly articles submitted for plagiarism using CROSSREF’s similarity tool powered by iTHENTICATE’s plagiarism checker – Turnitin.
  • Noyam Research Archive – (https://researcharchive.noyam.org/). This is a digital repository aimed at collecting and digitally preserving research works of African Scholars. As at December 2020, 42 research items ranging from Thesis, Books and published Journal articles have been added to the Research Archive.
  • Digital Archiving – Noyam applied and signed up for PORTICO Membership. Portico is a Digital Archive preservation service powered by ITHAKA. By joining PORTICO, it means all articles published in Noyam would be digitally preserved and made readily available even if the Journal website is no longer hosted online.
  • Editorial Services – In November 2020, Noyam commenced an Editorial service outfit for students and researchers requiring assistance with editing their research articles, thesis and others at a fee.

I am proud of the work the Noyam Team has accomplished within 2020 but I more appreciative of the inputs of our authors, reviewers, editors, subscribers and many others. We are thankful for your feedback both online and offline aimed at helping us improve our services.

I am well aware that some of our authors faced significant financial stress and uncertainty in their careers due to the global pandemic. We were able to support five of such authors by publishing their research work at no cost.

As we go through this New Year, I am positive of a more fruitful collaboration with you. On behalf of the Noyam Team I once again wish you a Happy New Year, Stay Blessed, Stay Safe and Remain Focused.