Noyam joins Portico (Digital Archive)


As part of our efforts to digitally preserve the content we publish, Noyam applied to join Portico a digital preservation archive as a participating publisher. By joining PORTICO, it means all articles published in Noyam would be digitally preserved and made readily available even if the Journal websites are no longer hosted online. On the 6th October, 2020, Noyam was officially accepted as a member of PORTICO with a License Agreement provided.

More about Portico

Portico is a community-supported preservation archive that safeguards access to e-journals, e-books, and digital collections. Their unique, trusted process ensures that the content they preserve will remain accessible and usable for researchers, scholars, and students in the future. With their publisher participation continuing to grow they currently preserve content from 856 publishers from 75 countries and 1014 libraries from 21 countries.

Visit the Portico website for additional details

View the Noyam Publishers page on Portico