An Appraisal of Select Pentecostal Women Fellowships in Nigeria in the Light of the Ethics of Care and Negofeminism

ISSUE: Vol.1  No.1 June 2020 Article 1 pp. 1-9
AUTHORS: Wariboko, Onyinyechi Priscilla Christian & Isichei, Chizobam Ruth
DOI : 10.38159/pecanep.2020061



The global proliferation of women fellowships in Pentecostalism calls for attention. This phenomenon though harmless has no outright scriptural backing and seemingly negates the idea of the church as one body in Christ. Using the phenomenological method of research this paper ethically examines the rationale behind women fellowships in Nigeria. This study hinges on the ethics of care and negofeminism as a theoretical basis for its qualitative analysis. While women fellowships are considered as avenues for women to express themselves without the intrusion of chauvinistic structures of society subtly existent in the church, it is criticized as a drastic reactive measure which is ‘unChristian’ and untypical of the African feminist. It is argued in this paper, that instead of using separatist tactics, Pentecostal women should explore benign ways of working with the men in parent churches while asserting themselves in ways that are not confrontational. It is also important for Christian vis-à-vis Pentecostal denominations to jettison the pervasive sexist hermeneutics which places women in a subordinate position and instead, emphasizes the non-discriminatory gifts of the Holy Spirit. This would strengthen interdependence and foster unity within the church.

Keywords: Ethical, Women, Fellowship, Negofeminism, Sexist, Hermeneutics

Authors Biodata: Wariboko, Onyinyechi Priscilla Christian PhD is a Senior Lecturer in the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, where she teaches Sociology of Religion, Gender Studies and other related courses. Her research interest is Religious conflict and Gender studies.  Email: Isichei, Chizobam Ruth,PhD (Religious Ethics –  University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria). She is a Civil Servant with the Rivers State Government and has research interests in African ethics and Gender studies. Email: