From Wesleyanism To Pentecostalism: Historical And Theological Perspectives

Isaac BoahengORCID iD

Issue: Vol.1  No.3 August 2020  Article 2 pp. 50-59
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Undoubtedly, Pentecostalism is the most influential religious movement of the twentieth century. Not only has this movement changed the religious landscape of the world, but it has also contributed enormously to the growth of Christianity in many societies. The contributors to the rapid growth of Pentecostal churches as compared to mainline historic churches have attracted scholarly attention for some time now. Current theological interest in this subject has prompted this study that traces the success of Pentecostalism to its adherence to foundations laid by the Wesleyan Holiness revival movement of the nineteenth century. Through a historico-theological survey, the author contends that Wesleyan teachings and practices such as the authority of the Bible, holiness, use of spiritual gifts, evangelism, social ministry, and others, are key to the survival of global Christianity now and in the years to come.

Keywords: Holiness, Methodism, Renewal, Pentecostalism, Holy Spirit baptism, speaking in tongues.

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Isaac Boaheng, an ordained minister of the Methodist Church Ghana, currently serves as a Translator for the Bible Society of Ghana. Isaac holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Trinity Theological Seminary (Accra-Ghana) and has research interest in Public Theology, Biblical Studies, and African Christianity

Boaheng, Isaac.”From Wesleyanism To Pentecostalism: Historical And Theological Perspectives.” Pentecostalism, Charismaticism and Neo-Prophetic Movements Journal 1, no 3 (2020): 50-59.

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