A Theological Analysis of the Hymn “Teaching Everyone To Live Like Christ”

Isaac Boaheng ORCID iD

Issue: Vol.2  No.4  April 2021  Article 1 pp. 32-41
DOI : https://doi.org/10.38159/ehass.2021241  |   Published online 26th April 2021.
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This article is a theological analysis of the hymn, “Teaching Everyone to live like Christ,” written in support of the 2020/2021 theme of Methodist Church Ghana (MCG). The hymn emerged from the author’s pastoral and theological analysis of the MCG’s theme, “Discipleship: Teaching everyone to live like Christ” (Col. 1:28-29). The hymn touches on two key functions of the universal Church, namely, mission and nurturing of believers. The author brings out the message embedded in the hymn through an expository study of the lyrics together with secondary sources such as books, articles, and others. The paper contends that the survival of the Christian Church now and in the years to come depends on effective disciple-making, which places high emphasis on the teaching ministry.

Keywords: Hymn, Christ, Teaching, Church, Perfect, Mature.

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Isaac Boaheng (Rev.) is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church Ghana serving the Nkwabeng Circuit of the Sunyani Diocese. Boaheng also serves as a Research Fellow at the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies, University of the Free State, South Africa.

Boaheng I.,  A Theological Analysis of “Teaching Everyone To Live Like Christ,” E-Journal of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 2, no.4 (2021): 32-41  https://doi.org/10.38159/ehass.2021241

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