Double Deliverance: A Narrative Study Of Judges 3: 12-30

ISSUE: Vol.4  No.1 September 2018 Article 6  pp.74-90
AUTHOR: Elisha Kwabena Marfo



The study analyses the narrative of Judges 3:12-30 with special emphasis on the double deliverance of God. The narrative analysis shows that God acts by delivering Israel twice; to the hands of the Moabites and out of the hands of the Moabites. The story tells that God watches carefully and works through people the deliverance of His people. Through a quite overt reader elevating storytelling, the narrator of Judges 3:12-30 gives clues to the reader that there may be surprises. The reader who forgets this even handed approach will likely be caught by the surprise and humour, not unlike the surprise of the servants of Eglon when they discovered that their lord and king is dead.


ELISHA KWABENA MARFO is affiliated to the School of Theology and Missions Valley View University, Accra, Ghana. Elisha holds a Master of Arts in Old Testament from Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Philippines, where he is currently a PhD candidate specializing in Old Testament languages and exegesis.

Marfo, Elisha K. Double Deliverance: A Narrative Study of Judges 3:12-30.” E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies 4, no.1 (2018): 74-90.

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