The Journal of Education and Learning Technology (JELT) – ISSN 2720-7730 is an open-access journal. JELT publishes academic articles, conference papers, dissertation/thesis chapters and book reviews in the fields of Education and Learning Technology. The Journal was first published in May 2020 by Noyam Publishers, Accra – Ghana with an ISSN  assigned by the George Padmore Library, Accra Ghana in April 2020. JELT is currently published online monthly. View Current Issue


JELT  focuses on techniques and curriculum that utilize technology in all types of educational systems. The target authors for the journal include educators, administrators, and researchers in the field who are interested in keeping up with the latest research in education.The types of papers published in this peer-reviewed journal include:

  • case studies
  • descriptions of technology innovations
  • surveys
  • review articles
  • theoretical articles
  • research results

This Journal is published online monthly.


All published articles in JELT are open access and indexed with CrossRef. If an article is indexed, all of its versions are deposited. As Noyam Publishers is a Member of CrossRef, all published articles in JELT are assigned a DOI from CrossRef. Author(s) will retain the copyright of their published articles agreeing that a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) terms will be applied to their work. Under the terms of this license, no permission is required from the author(s) or publisher for members of the research community to copy, distribute, transmit or adapt the article content. This is on condition that a proper, prominent and unambiguous attribution is made to the authors in a manner that clarifies the materials are being reused under permission of a Creative Commons License. Views, opinions and conclusions expressed in the research article are views, opinions and conclusions of the author(s). The Journal shall not accept responsibility or be answerable for any loss, damage or liability caused in relation to conflicts of interest, copyright violations and inappropriate or inaccurate use of any kind content related or integrated into published research articles.

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